A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created in 48 hours for Discord Jam #2.

Blackspace is a puzzle-platformer game where you can wrap space itself! Either by teleporting yourself or attracting platforms can you find the exit to this three-dimensional labyrinth.

This game was made on Unreal Engine 4 by a team of 5 programmers:
Character: Aymerick Allamele (@Kiremai)
QA, Audio & UI: Morgan Hoarau (@「 Nobuna 」)
Graphics: Jannah Mekhaemar (@Chachivavi)
Level design: Lukas Tamayo (@Binary Gleam)
Level design support: Etienne Kraemer ()

PS : The first version is the one originally submitted for the jam. However we released a lighter build which is more polished and in which many bugs were fixed.


Blackspace_discordjam2.zip 292 MB
Blackspace-postjam.zip 93 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file onto your computer.
Run the executable according to the downloaded version:
- discordjam2submission: UnrealJam.exe
- any further version: Blackspace.exe
You'll be requested to install any required components by an Unreal installer.


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Looks really cool, but I can't play it because the folder is missing a file :(

Thanks for your interest!

I'm sorry it happened to you.

What does it say? Does it tell you what file is missing or does it crash? We don't have this problem on our side.